Inspiring stories of successful traders

Do not get me wrong from my otherwise sobering(bit pessimist) posts about how difficult is to make long term money from trading. I just believe when it is things about money,better be careful than sorry!

I will compile stories about traders who beat the odds against them and made some serious mones. It will include not only traders from forex but any type of trading.


Takashi Kotegawa (BNF)

This Japanese retail day trader made $153 million from $14K. Not bad! Well,at least 15% of his grain was a fluke trade.

On October 9, TV Tokyo broadcasted a special program that consisted of information about US subprime mortgage woes, worldwide market turmoil in this summer and gold market price.

This man(29-years-old) is most famous Japanese individual stock day trader named Takashi Kotegawa, his nickname is “B・N・F”. He has increased his own fund from 1.6 million yen($13,600) to 18 billion yen($153 million) for 8 year or so (I have ever introduced his information to FF members in May).

Anterior half: His trade room which he bought a condominium in cash that’s worth 400 million yen. On August 17, when he saw big fall of Tokyo market, he decided to become wait-and-see stance. He said that his decision was the worst in this year and he deeply regrets that he failed to earn 500 million yen at that time.

Last half: After FOMC’s interest rate cut, he sold all his stock holdings(financial sector stocks etc…) and he earned 400 million yen by the close of morning trading. He said to the announcer, “I don’t know Japanese stock market’s future. I don’t look at market from a long-term perspective.”