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Successful forex traders(well other traders too,key is “successful” here) enjoy a lifestyle that is both immensely flexible and financially, hugely rewarding.Best part I like about trading  as a profession,it is utopia of meritocracy and dream of any true capitalist. It does not matter who you are,where you are born or where you studied.If you can beat the market,money is yours.


It is not easy at all to be profitable in any kind of trading in long run. Surely,it is possible. But,it takes years of hard work,screen time and patience. But,I bet you will come across hundreds of scamsters who will promise you the moon for $99 to $9995/mo courses. Imagine for a moment,if it were easy;then no smart person would like to have a “real” job. Why would anyone do any work when you can click your way to be a millionaire. Think about it! But,most “gurus” want you to believe otherwise. Else,who would fall for $999 “package to millionaire”. Having said that,in most cases it is not the forex course sellers who are at fault,it is often naive newbies,who would like to believe in “forex dream” rather than doing the hard work to understand the intricacies of trading. To be fair,most of people out there who want to make money in forex market have their day job and they simply cannot afford to invest the kind of time and energy required to become a profitable trader with edge. To put it simply,unless you take the endeavor of learning trading as serious effort you put to keep your day job,your chance of success is almost ZERO.

But,if you can not give that much effort to learn everything by yourself; you better invest your time to find traders  who are successful and rather let them trade your money. Even identifying good traders is quite intensive work,though at least 50X easier than being successful trader by yourself. I would cover most about this topic in this blog as I believe almost 80% retail traders should be in this category for their own good.

Among all the social trading platforms in the market,Etoro is the most legit(It is a VC backed company unlike hundreds fly by night brokers).You can sign up and follow the best traders get the trades automatically copied to your account.


Your Social Investment Network



Best way to learn is by doing it!! Also,understanding the basic logic and psychology behind profitable trading. 

One of the best video about the topic is here


So,start trading in a demo account or real account with small deposits.

If you want professional guidance on how to catch fish yourself and a lot of hand holding, try my professional program here.


If you are in a hurry to make money,I would suggest to either go for forex signals or managed accounts rather. I have a guide about the topic here.

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New kid in the block- Binary Options

I think forex fad is in decline these days. Now marketers have moved to Binary Options. The new shining kid in the block!

Actually,for people having get rick quick kind of mindset,it is more than boon(bane?). No target profit,stoploss and waiting for trade set up to develop. You just punch in the High or Low and duration of trade, Either you lose all or double the money(85% actually after spread). Not that money can be made in BO,personally I think it is just tougher not easier actually. I do trade weekly/monthly options in forex when market is fast trending. Important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right binary options broker using professional reviews. Well,US gov do have put a guideline about it too.

Keep a watch on this page for my reviews for professionals binary options trading signals review.